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Workshop: Day one (or is it day 2?)

So, I got in my car and drove down to Norfolk today, excited about what this trip (my workshop with Susan Stripling) was going to hold. Life at home has been a little bit crazy with my husbands recent ACL injury, surgery, recovery and then another personal tragedy we’ve been dealing with. Needless to say I was ready to have a personal break and to learn and get to know other great photographers. So, the drive was down was great, I got to catch up with a lot of people on the phone (without being interrupted by my baby). I get here and visit with my friend Robin that I’m staying with and play with her adorable little girl. I’m supposed to meet every for a mixer at 7:30. I start to wonder if I should eat before I go or when I get there so I call the host, Eliese Theuer to get more info. She sounds confused by my question and says “Erin, the mixer was last night. The workshop started today.” I was baffled! “What? Are you serious? How could I have gotten this wrong?” I couldn’t believe that anything else could possible go wrong in my life! So, needless to say I was terribly disappointed and felt like a complete moron! But, I got there and everyone was so nice and welcoming and pretended that I wasn’t a moron at all and promised to catch me up tomorrow. They kept saying “Oh, you didn’t miss much!” But I don’t believe them. 🙂
So, hopefully tomorrow I will have some great stories and images to show you!
Come back and see!

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  • Armin de Fiesta - February 20, 2008 - 2:37 pm

    Oh my Erin, you’ve been on a roller coaster ride. Have a great time at the workshop, I’m sure you’ll catch up on everything!

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