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Baby Boy “M”: 2 weeks old | Old Town Alexandria Baby Photographer

Yesterday I visited another one of my favorite families who have a new addition in the family! I love to see my clients families grow! This little guy is such a doll. I loved his hair and he had the sweetest little face and looked so great for a newborn! When I got there mom said “Oh, keeping him asleep will be NO problem. We can’t even get him to wake up most of the time.” Well, I think he took this as a challenge and proceeded to stay awake almost the entire time! But, I did manage to get some good stuff when he nodded off a couple of times. I also was able to get some pictures of his big sister “A” with her dad, who was in Iraq the last time I took her pictures. I’m so glad he is home safe and sound and he’s a wonderful dad to these two precious kids! Thanks again for your sacrifice!

Welcome to the world “M”! It was so great to meet you!

It’s a smile! (or at least we can pretend it is!)

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