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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Yesterday I got to visit one of my Baby Club families, but not to photograph the twins, who are in the baby club, but to photograph the newest addition! Baby girl “A” arrived just a little less than a year after her older sisters! Mom and dad surely have their hands full but are as […]

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  • […] the maternity pictures while mom was carrying the twins, through the first year of the twins, the arrival of their 3rd little blessing ‘AM’, and now that they are turning 1 & 2! They’ve had a busy 3 years but are so blessed with […]

Today was bittersweet! After spending a wonderful year photographing this family we’ve come to our final session! Our girls were born just days apart & I have been so blessed to be able to watch this sweet girl grow and get to know her parents this year. We’ve been able to talk about how are […]

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